All Android apps to have 64-bit support by August 2019, improved performance will be the result

A few days ago, there is an announcement from Google about security. Google is able to publish writing on complexity system and giving that all android users are bound to them. The company also outlined some step regarding the security and performance of the app.

Google plans to add a “small amount “of security metadata to each APK to prove its authenticity. It describes as a seal of quality badge that finds on a physical product and cannot affect device functionally. It enhances the “integrity of Play’s mobile app ecosystem “and handle security.

Android apps will be able to achieve the recent Application Program Interface(API) level from August 2018.It will start at API level 2 (Android 8.0) or higher, existing apps having to be updated to achieve the API from  November 2018.

Google says that this requirement will increase every year. We want to update the apps to reach the most recent API levels.It provides the benefit of securing the apps against malware.

The most important point is that 64-bit support requirement for apps arrives in August 2019.Nowadays apps support  32-bit  architecture by default and some cases  64-bit  after this possible was rolled out with Android  5.0 Lollipop.

On August 2019, apps with inherent libraries will support   64-bit  versions as well as 32-bit versions. This is a positive news that apps are more secure but force the developer to support 64 bit that benefits itself.Google says that if you choose  64-bit  that support better performance of apps as well as offers “additional register and new instruction” to developers.

This will be as part of Google’s plan to secure all Google apps that support 64-bit code in future and  Google says that an extensive look at the performance benefit of 64 bit will arrive.

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