Best microSD Cards For Galaxy S7

As there was no option to add microSD card to the Galaxy S6, So Samsung listened to customers about that option and add this feature to new Galaxy S7. If you have a lot of data, so don’t worry. There are several micoSD cards available for Galaxy S7 of different sizes and speed, but we suggest 64GB is the best option.

What are the best microSD cards for the Galaxy S7?

Following are the best microSD cards available for Galaxy S7.

SanDisk Ultra 200GB

This card is announced recently year. The 200GB microSDXC card from SanDisk provides fast up to 90MB per second. The SanDisk Ultra 200GB card is best for recording F-HD video or storing lots of movies on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

PNY Elite 128GB

PNY Elite 128GB is the best option when you need a high storage capacity regardless of breaking the bank. PNY Elite 128GB provides nice read speed up to 85MB per second.We find out, $34.89 is the lowest price for the 128GB card and the best way to free up a ton of storage on your phone or tablet.

Samsung EVO+ Plus 64GB

Samsung provides very high-performance microSD card without compromising the price. Samsung Evo+Plus 64GB is costly on this list. But you can buy a winning combination of performance and storage along with 90MB per second writing speed and 95MB per second read speed, and extensive 256GB of space.

Such hight read/write will never be required in a phone but it will help you in shooting of 4K video on a luxuriant phone such as Galaxy S7.You don’t need to worry about it getting damaged because it’s a temperature, magnetic, water and X-ray proof.

SanDisk Extreme PLUS 64GB

The SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB microSD card will increase the transfer speed of 95MB/s while recording 4K and F-HD video.This nice card comes along with SD adapter to use it with notebooks and laptops, and able of reading/writing to microSD, microSDXC, and microSDHC.

Kingston Digital 64GB microSDXC Card

Kingston Digital 64GB microSDXC card provides a 90MB/s read speed and 45GB/s write speed. This card also comes with its own SD adapter to use with laptops and notebooks. Kingston Digital 64GB microSDXC card now available in market at $35.

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