How to disable the Flash plugin for Chrome

How to set Flash to run only when you want it to


This is usually the option most people will need. There are still circumstances when you may need to run a Flash component and we’re not discussing about display advertisements that will crush the fastest PC to stop. Here’s how to set Flash to run when you want in Chrome:

  1. Get into your Chrome settings, available at chrome://settings.
  2. Head to the “Privacy” section and click on “Content settings.”
  3. Scroll down to “Plugins” and select “Let me choose when to run plugin content.”

After that, whenever you run into a piece of Flash content, you’ll see a gray box. To run that component, you’ll have to hold down the “control” key on your keyboard and afterward tap on the component. And after that you’ll have to enable it to run. This will block dreadful Flash advertisements (among other Flash substance) but simultaneously give you the alternative to utilize a Flash component if it’s truly and really significant.

How to disable Flash in Chrome

Whenever you need to disable Flash in Chrome it’s easy to do, remember that once you disable the plugin, it doesn’t give the option to use it when you need, its mean that it fully disable the plugin.

Here’s are easy steps, how to disable Flash in Chrome:

  1. Go to chrome://plugins.
  2. Scroll down until you find the “Adobe Flash Player” plugin.
  3. Click the “Disable” link as you can see in the image, to disable the Flash plugin in Chrome.


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