Galaxy S7 SD Card Slot

A large number of people will be ended with 32-gigabyte of internal storage on their Samsung Galaxy S7. Now they have the ability to pop in an SD card. It can expand the space up to 200GB.With as is the Case with adding an outside place for storing to most computing devices. There a lot of things to consider. What can you do with the place for storing? How does it act between, along with system? How safe, good, ready and tightly is it?The first eight things that you need to have knowledge of about SD card in the Galaxy S7.

No ‘adoptable storage’ option to be found here

Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are running  Andriod 6 Marshmallow, one of the features is lacking in this phone is the “adoptable storage” that change the way SD card interact with the system.with the help of adaptable storage, we can use an external  SD card and this becomes a part of internal storage from a system standpoint, it provides internal storage to create one, larger storage area.

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There is the number of reason that Samsung has chosen to keep adoptable storage.Galaxy S7 uses its SD card just the same as previously used my galaxy phone.Now it can be mounted as a separate drive .the benefit is that card can be removed without data damage and it can be quickly swapped to another machine for data transfer.

Not every app can be moved to the SD card

The reason is that people, in general, want to transfer app to the SD card so that they get free up internal storage .it is difficult to move all the app to the external cards.

If you want to move app to SD card and you want to make a decision on a per-app basis But some apps don’t allow to transfer it. some  large apps like games  will transfer but a small portion of the app will move  But a large portion of storage will still  be used up on internal storage

If you want to move app to the SD card that depends upon app use .if you make a strategy that you want to clear SD card and shift all files into a computer or another device, any apps that have move data to SD card will be defective until you return the card to the phone.

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Removing your SD card also removes the SIM

Galaxy S7 has a single slot that holds a single tray with both SD card and SIM card in it. If you want to remove SD card data transfer to /from a computer than you want to remove your SD card.In this case, you do not have any option but both SD card and SIM card will be removed.

When you want to use your phone for call and data while the SIM card is out. you want to take over a tray with just SIM card.if you want to put SD card in the phone then you will remove the SIM card that will make phone will take a little bit time to re-connect to the network and sometime you will require a reboot of the phone if it’s been a while.

Pictures and video save to the card by default

When you have SD card in Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you will have to make use of extra storage but every app cannot move to the card.First time in GS7 that launch the camera app after inserting as SD card you will get a warning letting and if you do not want to save photos and video to the card then you want to simply switch the settings.

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If you want to store photos and videos on the SD card by default setting then you will notice that there is a separate folder in Gallery for those image from any previous captures to the internal storage of the phone.The difference is noted by a small depiction of an SD card in the corner of the album, which can be a tad confusing at first. you will not notice any difference if you do not any photos on the internal storage.

SD card photos may be odd to handle in third-party apps

One of the negative aspect of video and storing images from the camera on the SD card: if you want to delete those files from the app that created them, in this case, associated Gallery app and Samsung Camera. if you are using another gallery app then it may not able to move around and delete photos that are stored on SD card. In Google photos, you can able edit and view the photos, but you cannot delete files from third-party apps.

This becomes trouble in a cloud-based gallery app like In Google Photos you can delete the photos remotely and have those sync back to the Galaxy S7.you will never be able to delete local files from your phone in Google Photos.You have to do manually from within Samsung’s Gallery apps.if you are using simple gallery app without any cloud function then you will manage those SD card photos just fine. You may aware of it you run into odd behavior when deleting.

You probably don’t have to worry about performance

In some cases, real concerns come about the speed of external storage, in this situation you can add an SD card to a Galaxy S7 that cannot affect the performance.A new SD card has enough speeds to outpace the capability of phone to read/write data, and you are not coming near the speed limits of the external storage when you are loading apps, photos, and music from the SD card.

The problem arises when it comes to recording UHD or HDR videos that require some serious speed from your SD card. But unfortunately, Samsung cannot give a choice to record to the SD card for just video.it allows you all or nothing in the setting.it depends upon your plan that you can use your phone for its great UHD video recording and get the best possible quality you should consider a top-end card .it refers to manufacture when it comes to speed ratings for recording video.

Find good deals on cards

The reason to not buy absolutely bottom-of-the-barrel SD card is that you can get good cards for a great deal from the internet.a superfast card of 200GB is paying you back a few extra dollars.if you want 32 or 64GB of storage you can get great brand SD cards for less than $ 30.





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