How to get the top five Android P developer preview features on any Android phone

Andriod P is launched for upcoming mobile  Operating System from Google.The first developer preview of Andriod P  was launched last month to the Google Pixel and Nexus users.When the update is done, it has a lot of change behind the screen improvement and enhances the Andriod user interface.

The new feature of Andriod P is added by Google for which Andriod have been wishing for many years. some of the features include the option to media volume by default using the volume button and more and native editing tools for screenshots.There are many significant changes like restricting microphone access for apps running the background, runtime enhancements, and reduced boot.

you device have to wait until the device gets official update of Andriod P  to experience the improvement and enhancement.The best thing is that you will experience the best feature introduced to Andriod P right now on your Andriod phone.If you want to experience this feature then you have to follow these steps.

Android P launcher

The first change that you will experience to Andriod P is new home screen launcher.A few changes that are introduced by Andriod P  make you touchy with it like microphone icon added to the Google Search widget.

If you are interested to have the latest Andriod P then you have to install on your device by downloading it from the LINK can also install this file in your mobile and also install this in your phone.

If it is your first time to install APK file on your phone then you have to go to the option to install apps from unknown sources by going to  Settings->Security->Unknown sources and go ahead.

Screenshot editing options

Screenshot editing options are first time introduced to the stock version of Andriod with the latest version of Andriod P.

In the majority of  Andriod devices, there is no option for updating the Andriod  Oreo.Now it is the first time that you can officially get Andriod P update on your device if you are using the latest Google Pixel device.You can also avail this feature on your Andriod phone with the help of markup.

This apps is same as we are using the screenshot editing tool in Andriod p  and have the same feature of the crop, undo and redo options.

You can also use this feature on your cell phone by installing the Markup APK file from can also take a screenshot after installing the Markup screenshot editing tool.

Volume Slider

One of the significant change that you will experience to Andriod P  is the positioning of Volume Slider from the top of the screen to the right side of the screen.Basically, it is not a big change but you can easily access the slider if you phone with a large screen.

Andriod P  introduces a new feature that now you can set the volume slider to control the volume instead of ringtone and notification volume.

You can also install the volume slider port APK  from the LINK HERE at XDA labs and when the installation is completed then you can open the app from your app drawer and select your favorite position for the volume slider and you can even select the color.

Lockdown mode

One of the interesting changes that are introduced to Andriod P  is Lockdown.It can be enabled and disabled with biometric options like fingerprint and face unlock options and can also enable your phone by entering the password and pattern.

This is useful when you want to sleep or staying to other place and nobody can enable your phone without fingerprint or image .when you are enabling the lockdown mode then you can also disable the smartlock option like voice unlocks, location-based.

If you want to use this lockdown mode for your Andriod device then  you have to download the lockdown mode APK from here and install to your device.

Smart reply

The smart reply is already introduced to all Andriod phones by Google.Smart Reply has made its way into Andriod P as a native feature and also with smart replies

The new smart reply feature on Android P on your Android device is to simply install the Google’s Smart Reply APK on your device.

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