How to recover data from corrupted Galaxy S7 SD card

A large number of smartphone user lead to neglect the proved advice of always keeping a copy of important data.Generally, people files appear secure unless they are otherwise.This article helps a GalaxyS7 owner who meets problem with their SD card going busted.This article helps the best minimize the impact of a corrupted SD card.

When explaining your issue, please be detailed as possible we can easily exact a relevant solution.If you can, kindly including the exact error message you are getting to give us an idea where to start.

Problem 1: How to recover data from corrupted Galaxy S7 SD card

I am quite worried about my Samsung Galaxy S7 Problem.I have 60 GB of data including pictures and videos. I don’t get backed any data for over 5 months, that’s why I manually transfer data from phone to computer by just connecting. I noticed some of the files were not being read by my computer. By using micro SD card reader I have to found the files would download then crash. i.e. a 688MB video would download to my computer then crash 14 MB and after then get a file error. when I opened the files on my mobile and the video would crash at the same point every time. I have also realized my Gallary get very slow and some of the files keep crashing. For the time being, i am trying to back up of all data using Dropbox but the same problem occurs with same files. I also noticed my Gallary app is very slow to upload all my files, and now it also seems to be corrupting more files and I keep opening the app trying to back it up. What would you recommend me? My default camera storage option is the SD card. I need to back of all data. Till now I’m assuming my SD card is corrupt? How to fix it?—— Irfan Raza


  • interrupting the device like your phone while it’s trying to read from or save to the card
  • intentionally or unintentionally removing the SD card while it’s being used
  • the phone suddenly turning off while an app is using the SD card
  • trying to modify a file (changing its name, deleting it, or opening it) while it’s being accessed by a computer
  • inserting the SD card into another device which did not format it initially
  • malware
  • using the SD card to another phone or device like a computer without formatting it first

The thing is, it’s often very difficult to know the exact cause unless one knows the full history of the device. There’s no way that we can tell what might have caused your SD card to get corrupted.

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How to fix a corrupted SD card

A corrupted SD card is concerned, we scared it is not much you can do.The first step you can stop using the SD card immediately you can prepare it for data recovery process.when you have done copying the files to your computer then turn off your phone and remove the SD may overwrite the damaged the sectors and deleting them.Since the SD card appears to be still readable at this time, you may be able to recover your files with the help of recovery programs.

The success of your recovery mostly depends on the condition of files and the recovery program.Programs are able to recover more files than the others. You can recover a wide range of file format and photos .when you are choosing a recovery program, you are sure to use that one which is capable of recovering the files and photo stores in the card.

From recovery program, you are trying to recover data is an easy and straightforward method.There are some steps which are few and easy to follow.Data recovery is a tricky one and you are not sure how much data can be may get help from software developer when you have product -specific questions.

Let  a professional do the recovery

Recovery program which is good must have ownership and not free.Another good option you will use to recover corrupted files from those people who can do it .when you can not find a good recovery program and get nothing after testing.You will search in Google and search for data recovery labs.Professional data recovery is often expensive.

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Ways To Create A Backup From The SD Card Of Your Galaxy S7

Solution: Every storage device is not 100 percent reliable.some devices can run without problem for years while other can fail shortly after you are using them.There is a lot of things that can go wrong in a software environment.when you will be able to recover some of your files using recovery software then you are lucky.

To avoid from this issue in future and you may be able to create a backup of irreplaceable is the same situation that occurs now but the wisdom is that you are creating a backup has never faded.The storage device can fail at any time and the only way to minimize grief when it happens is by creating a copy of your files.If you lead to collect a lot of files in a short time, we advise you to use cloud services then your devices can automatically back your data up.Samsung offers a  worthy amount of free cloud storage (15GB) for every Samsung account.Cloud storage can store a copy of contacts, calendars, memos, browser, keyboard data and files in the Gallery app.Major companies like Microsoft and Google offers you limited free cloud services so you can use them as well.You can always invest in larger cloud storage spaces.

Creating your backup on your computer is the most simple way to keep files secure till your hard disk of a computer will crash.


Galaxy S7 does not recognize SD card you insert an SD card reading ability may be broken.This is caused by either software and hardware can fix at your end.But you must follow some steps.


  • Create a backup of your files.
  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Press and then hold the Home and Volume  UP keys and hold the Power keys.
  • Galaxy S7 shown on the screen, release the Power key but holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  • When Android logos shows and release both keys and leave the phone for about 30 to70 seconds.
  • Using the Volume Down key, navigate through option and highlight wipe data.
  • You may press the Power key to select it when once highlighted.
  • Now highlight the option YES-delete all user data  using the Volume Down  key and press the  Power
  • The phone will now reboot longer than usual.

If phone would not read any SD card after doing the factory reset, bad hardware must be blame.The SD card slot may be damaged.At last, there is nothing much that you can do it except to have the phone replaced.

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