How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Three methods of shortcuts make it easy to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is yet official.. It’s a great opportunity to get down to the truly imperative stuff  like how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S7. In case you’re a Samsung Galaxy veteran you particularly realize what’s coming next. Been there, done that, got the screenshot.

If your are using Samsung first time, the Korean manufacturer has a trick up its sleeve to take a screenshot more easier.

So we should see the strategies Samsung utilizes for taking a screenshot on the Galaxy S7.

Method 1: How to take a screenshot using the button shortcut

  • Take the screen for which you want to take a screenshot.
  • Simultaneously Press the Home and Power button, that time you will hear the camera shutter sound with flash animation. This method is quit difficult on such large phones but it works fine.
  • Now you can see the screenshot in the Gallery app or in “My Files”.
  • Screenshot can also be find by command line or by Android File Transfer toll it will be in /picture/screenshots.

Method 2: How to take a screenshot by swiping the screen

Samsung’s provide another nice and easiest way of taking screenshot in your smartphones as compared to the above button method. This method is more efficient for large device like Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

  • Tilt your hand to the side a little, so your thumb is pointing away from the screen.
  • Swipe your whole hand over the screen in either direction in left to right or right to left, it’s on up to you.

Similar to other methods you will hear the Camera shutter sound with flash animation. Such method is difficult to enabled but it can be turn off from the screen as you want, or when you search your’s accidentally taking screenshots.

  1. Go into the settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to “Motion” and choose “Motions and gestures.”
  3. Tap “Palm swipe to capture.”
  4. Hit the toggle button from on to off.

Method 3: How to take a scrolling screenshot on the Galaxy S7

Many things you’ll need to take a screenshot of might be more than one screen profound. Like a website page, for example. With that in mind, Samsung has obtained and adjusted a feature from the Galaxy Note 5

  • Take a screenshot similar to other methods.
  • Tap the “Capture more” option to scroll down and grip more of the screen.
  • Stay on tapping until you’ve find what you need.

Once you’ve taken your screenshot !!!

So you’ve taken a screenshot. Bravo. Your Galaxy S7 expresses gratitude toward you. We bless your heart. Be that as it may, what to do with it? You have several choices. One is to share or edit your screenshot (perhaps you need to edit something out or leave a annotation). You can simply hit the button in the notification to rapidly do both of those things. Another alternatives is to, well, do nothing. Simply swipe the notification away and continue on ahead. Your screenshot will stay on the phone, however.

But don’t forget that the Galaxy S7 is a high-resolution phone, and your screenshots can take a lot of memory on your device in case you’re taking a lots of them. They may likewise get sucked into your distributed storage. Must store tabs on where you need them and remove things after you have done with them.

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