LG says the V30 will have its best low-light camera ever

LG V30 to incorporate large dual camera system.

LG has to introduce the components for its coming flagship in the weeks, and the V30 is no exception. Furthermore to attractive haptics, LG also has a significant part of the camera setup in the flagship V30.

Such as G6, the V30 flagship will have the dual camera characteristics. LG explore that he flagship V30’s rear camera will consist and f/1.6 lens, providing 25% more lights as compared to cameras with a f/1.8 lens. This feature especially will help the flagship V30 in low light condition, an area where a lot of phones traditionally struggle. It is confirmed by LG that the second sensor can also be used for wide angle shots, to continue the LG tradition by using this feature going back to last year’s G5. LG also confirmed that this sensor will increase the edge distortion up to 20% than previous year flagship LG V20 despite camera module overall.

At last, It is also confirmed by LG that camera array has the feature of laser detection, auto-focus and both optical and electronic image stabilization, so we can not say that lenses would have the methods of stabilization. The fancy LG V30 has been launched at IFA by August 31, so, for the time being, we don’t have wait anymore to find out.


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